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Brilliant Custom Builds

It's easy to spend hours on end browsing the PC market with no luck. Perhaps the computers you've seen don't fit your budget, or their specifications aren't exactly what you need? Don't worry; Marshall Xtreme PC's has you covered. We can build the computer of your dreams, all according to your budget and needs. We have a pool of trusted suppliers, allowing us to purchase parts from top brands at unbeatable prices. Our computer shop in Central Falls will be able to get you exactly what you want.

Simple Answers, Rapid Solutions

We offer comprehensive services to all of my customers, whether you’re a home user or a business. We make sure you understand everything that is going on during the service. If us prefer me to walk you through each step, we're happy to impart that knowledge to you. Or if you simply want the job to be done, we offer an efficient service to get you up and running with a like-new machine, as soon as possible.

A Wide Range Of Products

No matter, if you’re looking for small household electronics or something larger for an office or other big organization, our wide variety of products, will have something to suit. we pride ourselves on our shop's scope and versatility, as we try as much as possible to make the store a one-stop store when it comes to electronics.

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Meet Our Builder and Owner

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Joe Marshall

Owner and Builder


20 years experience building computers and gaming consoles.

Build Your Own

Build the PC that suits your specific needs.

Best Deals

Our partners allow us to give you top brands at the best possible prices

Payment Plans

For big ticket products, we offer payment plans through Affirm.

What We Do

I want people to be able to enjoy the computers that they purchase knowing that they’re getting great product at a lower price. You still have the option to choose what they want in it other decides my pre-built systems.
I only use top-of-the-line Parts and pieces in my computer’s everything is under a 30-day money-back guarantee to be returned in a as in condition with a one-year parts and labor.

All systems come equipped with Windows 10 professional and Antivirus.